Tuesday, 16 September 2008


I got together with some friends this week to meditate for Transition Stroud. We are concerned about what is happening in the world and particularly aware that many prophesies have suggested that 2012 is a time of great change and unrest. We are calling the group a Dream Group, a sort of Grandmother's lodge, and will meet every week to hold the dream for the Transition movement.
The feeling we all got was that we need to let go and listen to the Earth.
While looking on the website for thoughts about 2012 I came across this, which seems to support what we are feeling. It was posted by Maria Kamaka Naakai Ts’ilsoose Yraceburu.

"This year I began translating our prophecies. Yesterday one was confirmed that is occurring NOW. What I need to share with all of you is that the Prophecy Keepers want you to know WE SPEND TOO MUCH TIME FOCUSED ON 2012. What will happen in 2012 is the ENDING OF WHAT BEGIN IN 1993 when we entered the Time of No Time… the “time in Earth Mother’s womb.” The Intersection of Time and Space when humanity’s consciousness would/has begun to open.
The Elders are concerned that once again we are not present for what is our task at hand. We are focused in the future, on something that will not take place unless we are focused on NOW.
Papa Reynolds Kamakawiwoole said two years ago, “The women walk first.” This out of the blue was a confirmation of what an Omaha Grandmother said many years before - “Women must find their spirituality first and then bring the men.”

Grandmother Vickie Downey of the Tewa said “What Mother Earth has to do to heal herself, we can help her and we can help ourselves. Think about her and ask for assistance for her, because whatever she goes through we go through.”
So many ask, what can we do? To this I say, do ritual and keep yourself aligned with Mother. She will tell you what to do. Give offering. Close your eyes and listen. Open your eyes and the next step is there. Take action. Then repeat the procedure… again and again. But stay NOW. Stop worrying about what is happening in 2012. 2012 is the ENDING OF THE GERMINATION PERIOD, not the beginning. The Grandmothers gather and the Star Rites of Initiation begin 12/08…. THIS YEAR. Ritual, always ritual. This is the way of the mother. And the Mother is who we are guardians for. Guardians of life for the future in the Now.

Remember… as you watch the Olympics… pray… because something is about to happen, and what was thought to be true, will be exposed as non reality. My family will gather in New Mexico to hold space and do ritual. The Hopi will be involved in their annual Snake Dance. All over the world the Prophecy keepers know that truth begins 8/8/08 and culminates in knowing by the Dragon Moon of 8/30. Fear is an illusion. Clarity comes from ritual and provides direction. And in all of this Earth First in all our decisions. Prophecy states, “War ends when the Mothers of Earth say No More.”

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