Wednesday, 19 September 2012

New Beginnings

It's a while since I added anything to my blog. So much has happened and I'm not really the sort to keep up to date with a diary but we are gently slipping into such a beautiful autumn, with Autumn Equinox on the doorstep that it seemed a shame to miss the opportunity to record my thoughts.

Last July my beautiful daughter had her beautiful wedding and married a very lovely person who adores her. What more could a mum ask?

After that it felt a bit like...'job done' .... so I thought about what I want for myself now. Turns out I want to do more of my spiritual work which feels like coming home so I must have made the right decision.
I've been reading lots of books about mainly Celtic spirituality (from this island) and working with a friend of mine who also wants to do more spiritual work.
Isn't it interesting how, once you know where you are going, lots of things happen to help? People have been lending me books, suggesting I go to workshops that they just happened to have heard about, asking me for readings etc.

Autumn is a good time to detox. Like the trees, let go of the things that are done with and let them gently fall away and be used to feed the ground that nurtures you. I came across a lovely description in a book by Glennie Kindred ('Earth Wisdom', Hay House, ISBN 978 1 84850 480 6) "The active Earth dragon withdraws and takes the fire into the dark inner realms, providing strength, courage and wisdom from within."
As I journey along my spiritual path I am aware that one thing I need to learn is how to bless rather than criticise. I will be reading (and practising) 'The Gentle  Art of Blessing' (Pierre Pradervand, Cygnus, ISBN 0 9549326 0 9) which will help me with that.

I will also be advertising my Tarot reading sessions and I'll keep practising my psychic readings. All in all a very pleasant Autumn beckons.